Happy Monday!

One of the devotions I am using this year does not have dates…it has numbers…as in Day 1 to Day 365.

Of course I am neurotically filling the dates in at the start of each month so I am sure I am staying on track because…OCD…Adult ADHD…all the initials R me.

It was all fun and games until this morning when I noticed we are on 204. Even I can do the math on how short of a time it is until this little treasure box of morning meditations is filed away with others from past years.

But you didn’t stop by here to have me scare you into early Christmas shopping…and I am heading out very soon for a play day with…


And speaking of.

All I did was ask them to stop for a minute so I could snap a picture and Graham reacted with his best “mom” imitation by herding them into a line, commanding them to get down on same level as Caroline and to give Lola a nice smile because she would like a picture of us…

Oh my goodness…my mini-me gave birth to a mini-me…can’t stop laughing when I look at this photo.

Hope you all have a beautiful Monday and please stop back tomorrow because I am on a rather fun chase for an answer to a question someone posed in class yesterday.




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