Happy Valentine’s Day <3

Wishing you a sincerely happy and sweet day of hearts.

Consider this your Valentine from me…like I picked out one of those perforated little cards just for you and put it in one of those thin white envelopes with barely enough glue to stick it shut.

Imagine I wrote your name on it and taped a heart lollipop to it and stuck it in the construction paper envelope you decorated on Monday and taped to your desk.

I hope your smiling remembering simpler times when we did those things <3

And I hope your day is full of all kinds of little surprises that remind you how much you are loved.

Remember today …

Love is…

Patient and kind

Not jealous….never envies

It doesn’t boast or act proudly

It is not haughty or selfish or rude

Love never demands its own way

It is not irritable or touchy

It doesn’t hold grudges

It hardly even notices when others do it wrong

It is never happy about an injustice but…

it rejoices when the truth wins out

If you love someone you will be loyal to that one no matter the cost.

You will always believe in him or her…

always expect the best of him or her…

always stand your ground defending him or her.

1 Corinthians 13: 4-7.   based on The Living Bible

Something to shoot for isn’t it?

God bless you all…hugs all around and may the Lord help us to love each other well <3


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