He wrote The Book…and your story <3


Good morning and happy Friday!!!

We are covered in a fresh layer of snow here in God’s country and the charm of it has perhaps worn off. 

It’s pretty and all; but here in the Midwest, farmers are counting down the days til they can plant and young parents are longing for days when they can shoo their little ones out to play after school and we are all just ready for some green and some blossoms. 


Waiting for new life to show itself across the heartland. 

And that is what Lent is.


But active waiting. 

Waiting to celebrate when God provided the perfect Passover Lamb for us.

It is active waiting because while we wait, we examine ourselves. 

We return our souls to the pilgrimage of remembering what Christ has done for us. 

I am using a 40 day Prayer Guide each morning (free from Lifeway if you are interested) and each morning includes a scripture and some prayer prompts. 

Today the reading is from Psalm 119, verse 37

“Turn my eyes from looking at what is worthless; give me life in Your ways.” 

The prompt reminded me to praise God, for He is my Life Giver and the Author of Life.

That jumped out at me. 

Author of life. 

As someone who has this bizarre urge to not only write down my thoughts, but I am also compelled by something deep within me to share them, I have a deep respect for the title “Author.” 

To gather up all the phrases and word pictures and form them into sentences that convey some kind of message that is impacting and encouraging and exhorting is somewhat like giving birth to a ten pound baby.

 Every. Single. Day.

When I think of God as being the AUTHOR of all LIFE…and the Author of MY own personal life story and living existence…I am overwhelmed by the tiny glimpse of understanding I can apply to the activity of authoring something. 

So here is the prayer I wrote this morning ….

Heavenly Father God, You have given me life and you have given me New Life and You have given me eternal life. My every breath and heartbeat is from You. I am so thankful for the life you have given me to live. You have authored – lovingly written my life story. Given birth to it. You have threaded my days and moments together in carefully and thoughtfully chosen and loving ways. When I have stepped off script – You have edited and made beauty of my mess and I am so grateful for You. 

How about you?

Can you look over your story and see His hand writing it?

Perhaps you are in a season where the Author seems to have taken you into a plot twist that seems cruel and hard to understand. 

Hold fast, my friend, be assured…He is not finished with your story. 

It will end, beautifully, as you yield it to Him. 

May God bless each of you as we journey through the season of Lent together and prepare our hearts for a most blessed celebration of the Resurrection and anticipate His perfect work completed in each of us when He returns. 

Journey Onward <3

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