Hello, it’s me <3


Hello and happy Friday to you, 

I hope you have had a good week and you are enjoying some cooler Fall weather. 

Last night I was driving home from up north. It was time most people are home watching the evening news and preparing from bed. Across the prairie I could see headlights moving in the fields. I assume some farmers were working to get their crops in while the weather is good. I have a farmer friend and I thought of his wife maybe home waiting for him and the long day he had spent in that tractor. 

A plane flew overhead and I thought of the passengers going somewhere or headed home. I have been on those late night flights, trying to catch a little rest as you rub elbows with total strangers and the engine hum keeps you from really resting. On the other end, there would be baggage to collect and transportation to work out and either a hotel room or your own bed to collapse into.

I passed little towns and lanes where people I love live. In some of the homes are some great joys and in others deep sorrows. And in some just a little mixture of both in the midst of the daily normal that is this season in their home.


There were other travelers out with me. Not a lot, but enough I didn’t feel alone. And there was the residual vigilance of watching the sides of the road for a deer that might decide to cross just as I was passing by. I hit one once and it has forever left its imprint on me when I drive through the farmland after dark. 

Thanks to satellite radio I had a steady flow of praise music and so it was inside that little black Toyota Camry I found a sanctuary of grace. 

I lifted prayers and praise for things I know and things I thought about.

Yet again. 

I drive that road a lot. 

Sometimes in stillness and sometimes listening to a sermon and sometimes with music. 

I mull things over and I talk to God and I wonder often…is this really prayer? Am I talking at God or to God? Am I hearing from Him or just working out of my own thoughts? 


Then I pray with the teen prayer team and hear how they talk to God or listen to our daughter pray over her boys as they wiggle in between us after stories when I am helping get them down for the night or I hear the prayers lifted by my own husband while our dinner plates wait. 

And I hear their words, spoken in their own language and their own ways, expressing what is on the heart. Just talking to God for our needs, for the needs of others, for the stuff that is overwhelming us and the things for which we marvel at what He has done, the things we hope will happen and the things we fear that might happen.

Yes. This is prayer. 

Wordless tears and hard questions, many words or few…talking to God. Trusting and believing He is…and He cares…and He will intervene in ways beyond our understanding. Knowing, always, He is faithful. 

Our family has been on the receiving end of prayers answered many times that we know of and oh so many that we were unaware of. We are thankful for the prayers of our friends and our family and it is an honor and privilege to pray for others. 


Prayer is not a burden or an obligation. It is a blessed gift of communication with our Father, who knows the end from the beginning and in all things, works for our good. 

I pray, sincerely and honestly, right now for each of you that you know His comfort and His presence and His love through the power of Holy Spirit today. 

I have been absent from the blog this week as other needs were pressing for my time, but you have been in my thoughts and prayers even as I have been away. I trust God is moving in each of your lives and I hope and pray today that you are able to see His goodness and grace and mercy poured out on you and those you love <3

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