Hello Monday <3

I hope you had a good weekend <3

I am glad you came back.

We aren’t going to move very far along in our visit to 2 Chronicles 20 today.

On Friday I offered you an exercise based on the first thirteen verses and it is my prayer that you at the very least read through those passages a few times.

Even if you were unable to come up with your own plug-in words for the pattern of seeking God in times of desperation, the prayer of King Jehoshaphat in verses 6-12 is a faith builder portion of Scripture that ranks high on my list of go-to’s when my knees are shaking.

And my favorite part is the conclusion…because if this were given in a movie format, the music would build and grow and swell up to the final line and then all would fall silent as families just stood there clustered with their eyes raised and their hands opened.


So today I am only moving one verse further because God does speak to them.

The God who created everything and who called this particular nation into being, speaks in answer to this prayer.

And I note a couple of things:

<3 He grasps the need for a quick answer in this case.

Sometimes God lingers a bit longer in giving answers than we would like, doesn’t He?

In my journey, I can count a few instances of some amazing “suddenly’s” in answer to prayer…

but for the most part…

God’s answers have unfolded over time.

Sometimes a verrrrrryyyyyyyy llllllloooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggg time….

But can we nod our heads and say in agreement that, immediately or longer than we would have preferred, it was always the right time?

<3 I also notice how He answered.

While the King of Judah, as the God-ordained authority figure governing the people,definitely was the person who needed to lead the people in humbling themselves and seeking God together as an assembly of individuals and families…

God spoke through Jahaziel.


Because while  the name Jehoshaphat doesn’t just roll off the tongue with ease, this one straight up makes my head spin.

We might want to stop right there in our reading because we are intimidated by trying to imagine how to pronounce this guy’s name.

Let alone go on through the family lineage that follows…

the son of Zechariah…the son of Benaiah…the son of Jeiel…the son of Mattaniah…

ok…wake up…I’m done.

Except…for one more important thing about the man God spoke through in answer to their desperate cries…

because all that family lineage fell under the tribe of Levi and the family line of Asaph.

Levites – the priests.

Asaph – didn’t he write a lot of the Psalms?

Yes, the King did what He was supposed to do…lead the people.

And, in this case, King Jehoshaphat led by example of humility and wisdom and prayer.

But God answered through the Priest.

So much for separation of Church and State.

Much to think about regarding godly leadership and patterns of authority established by God for governments and warfare and all manner of life’s battles today, yes?

I will leave you to ponder this passage as I move on into Monday.

Be blessed as you open His Word and let Him open your hearts to His message for you today.

See you tomorrow, dear ones <3

Then the Spirit of the LORD came upon Jahaziel the son of Zechariah,

the son of Benaiah,

the son of Jeiel,

the son of Mattaniah,

a Levite of the sons of Asaph,

in the midst of the assembly.    

2 Chronicles 20:14


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