Hello to you on a soggy Wednesday <3

Nineteen seconds.

That’s how often our sump pump has been running since yesterday.

Every. Nineteen. Seconds.

And yes, I am counting.

Because there is an OCD bent to my brain anyway and when something is happening that rhythmically, besides my breathing and heart beat…I start counting.

I may need therapy soon.

So as I tap out letters into words and try not to count…three, four..ok…sorry…I’m back…I am sharing a quick thought and then I am going to get dressed as fast as I can and go find a dry and quieter place to ride out the next few hours.

On one of our not-raining days over the weekend, Russ went out in the morning for a run and came right back in the house.

Apparently one of us named me had left the garage door open all night.

At our old house, we had a mutual agreement with the family across the street that involved a text around bedtime if either of us had forgotten this little task sometime during the day.

We have not set up said arrangement here and thus…it went unnoticed throughout our sleeping hours.

I felt strangely vulnerable and exposed since nocturnal animals seem drawn to us like a moth to a flame and I cringed thinking of what critter may have visited whilst we had snoozed.

I also felt bad that I had been the last one in and failed to press the button, leaving our house open throughout the night.

I acknowledged the neglect and carelessness on my part and prayed to do a better job  to keep things secure around our home.

There has been a recent flap in the media calling into question if Jesus can speak to people and I tell you, I think He does because I often feel an impression of a voice in my spirit and I would say this is how He talks to me.

As I was chiding myself for my mistake, I recognized that the Lord might be taking this opportunity to remind me how even more important it is to be mindful of “spiritually securing” the perimeters each day.

My prayers for Russ and for me, for our marriage and for our children, for our grandchildren….for the places we work and the areas we serve in ministry…for the spheres of influence God has designated to us…these avail much in securing what God has entrusted to my care.

Sometimes I get busy just going from day to day and while I do think of my family and friends, I can find myself in a rut of vain repetitions that do not qualify as prayer.

You see, counting is not my only problem. I also default to worry and fear when I feel threatened or I perceive danger for someone I love.

And this is not a biblical nor spiritually mature response.

Securing the borders around my inheritance and yet leaving room for God to move and work in ways outside of and inside of the circumstances of our lives requires diligence and vigilance in praying His protection even in the midst of His permissive will.

It means having open communication about my thoughts while seeking His thoughts regarding the days of our lives.

Prayer helps me set up appropriate boundaries while keeping doors open when needed.

Prayer invites God to do what only He can do and seeks Him to instruct me/equip me/guide me/correct me as to what my part involves.

So I am developing a new habit before I go to bed.

As I check the three doors that would allow intruders access to our home, I pray over the homes of those I love so dearly that the Lord would be a hedge around them as they sleep.

I pray for wisdom for each of us to know how to set appropriate boundaries while also being willing to  swing wide the doors of hearts to share the love of Christ with others.

It is a balance I can only achieve with the help of Jesus.

I am so thankful He speaks to us if we will have ears to listen <3

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