Holy Week – Saturday <3

The day after the worst day ever.

Have you been there?

Of course you have.

Raw and in shock.

You go through the motions.

You are too tired and weak to even go over the horrific details again so you just move in a dream-like state because remembering is too painful and thinking of tomorrow is outside of your human capacity to grasp.

So you get through.

Because you know from experience.

There’s no where to go but forward into the new reality.

And tomorrow you will have a little more strength to face it.

Tomorrow you will have to figure out the nuts and bolts of the complete change of trajectory that your life has now taken.

But today…you just cling to what you know and who you know that’s left around you.

I imagine that is how the disciples got through Saturday.

And the women who tended Jesus.

Mary, His mother …

and Mary and Martha and Lazarus…

and all the Mary’s including the one with the broken alabaster jar.

The men and the children who had sat on His lap and received His blessings.

The ones who had believed.


Waiting until they could retrieve the body and do a proper burial.

Waiting to see the beaten and bloody remains of their beloved Friend and Teacher and Master.

Raw and shaken….hope not just deferred but apparently defeated.


“Will you wait with Me?”….. He had asked…

now they had no choice but to wait without Him <3

Let’s linger a little while today …let’s hold off on what we know about tomorrow that they had yet to see.

Let’s remember well this holy day between the Cross and the empty tomb <3

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