Holy Week – Thursday <3

Good morning to you!

Do you know who was out traipsing down the damp sidewalks early this morning here in our neighborhood? Me, Rocco and about a million earthworms.

Eeeek…I loathe earthworms and seeing their slimy little selves glinting in the glow of street lights on wet pavement was just not the best start to my day.

But you know…it’s probably a pretty apt way for a follower of Christ to start Maundy Thursday.

Because it is a day to reflect and remember that Holy Week has come to the turn that makes it Holy by taking Christ through the most unholy of circumstances.

I have been doing some pondering this week on the events of each day as recorded in scripture and have possibly bitten off more than I can chew…because there is so much rich information and I have assigned myself to pick one small tidbit to share each day.

I am not a woman of few thoughts nor words, so it has been a challenge.

Thursday is particularly difficult to hone down into just one thought.

From the first steps inside the upper room through the arrest and various trials…until the rooster crows…there is much material.

But as I was reading here is the phrase that jumped out at me to share today.

It comes from the passage John 18:4-9 and the heading in the Bible I am using says: Disciples’ Safety Insured.

In the dark of the olive grove, Jesus asks the soldiers surrounding Him and the disciples who they have come to arrest.

They answer, “Jesus of Nazareth.”

He identifies Himself twice and then asks for the release of the others with Him.

Verse 9 tells us this was done so that the words He had spoken would be fulfilled.

And what words were those?

“I have not lost one of those You gave me.”

Yes, these were specific words, spoken to the arresting soldiers about eleven frightened men in a garden over two thousand years ago.

But God’s word speaks through the ages to every weary heart that wonders and fears…is He able to keep that which was committed to Him?

Oh yes.

He is able.

Able and willing and capable and assuredly will do so.

All those who have been given to Him by the Father…He will keep.

It may not feel like it.

It may not look like it.

But the holding does not rely on the condition of the disciple…rather on the promise of our Savior and Lord.

Be blessed this Easter as you place your trust in the One who gave His life for us <3

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