I’m kind of like the White Rabbit…. <3

If you could see me right now, I am wearing my coat. I have reusable grocery bags over one arm and I am fighting the clock, yet again.

I helped at the Mosaic today and then ran to Aldi’s. As I was leaving, I spied these beauties so I went back and bought two and then went back for the third.

At home, I have unloaded and put away groceries and have about two seconds before I need to head out for a haircut.

And yes, my heart is thumping to the beat of “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.”

But I wanted to say hi and share a thought gleaned as my blood pressure soars to an unhealthy rate.

As I am trying to load the picture for you that I just took, and emails are popping in and I am opening too many windows on this amazing piece of technology…it can not keep up.

It is a wonder of the modern world, but technology can not multitask. So why do we think we can?

Slow down friend.

Do one thing at a time and do it well..

And with that…adios!

I will check in tomorrow with a good story I have brewing in my mind <3

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