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In His timing <3


Happy Monday!

I put a load of laundry in this morning and it was a mixture of shorts and turtlenecks because the weather has been a mix of summer, fall and winter all rolled into one wild and crazy week. 

I want to catch my breath and process all the wondrous notes I have scratched down from the Declare Conference…before I can’t remember what I wrote. 

Because even I can’t decipher my handwriting after too much time passes. 

I have a note on our calendar for today that says “Did you send your _________?”

and honestly…

the word looks like chuus….

Since I can’t even come up with something I should have sent that remotely looks like that, I am going to have to assume I sent them…or I will just sit in the kitchen puzzling my puzzler all day and accomplish nothing.


October is half over and if anyone can tell me how that happened, please…please…let me know. 

Thankfully the weeding that never got done is about to die off under the first frost of the year so I can check that off the To Do list. 

Life is busy and every single season is jam-packed. 

Recently I was laughing remembering a time when our three were in multiple sports and activities, choir, band, church…you name it…we did it.

Those were the days when I needed a spread sheet just to map out the car pools I was a part of.

One night, I grabbed what was left of my uneaten dinner and set it on the console of our van as I piled kids in the car. We were picking up a neighbor girl and headed to some kind of practice. 


As she climbed in she glanced at the plate perched next to my elbow…my plan was to use stoplights and the inevitable blocked train crossing to try and consume the remainders of my meal. 

Her eyes were wide as saucers and I realized her mom was one of those who planned ahead…fed kids early on nights like this…didn’t hurtle through life with a flurry of papers and laundry following close behind her as she went. 

I believe it was in that moment that I decided…perhaps we have overcommitted. 

Perhaps it is time to reevaluate our quality of life and learn the importance of the word “No”

We have a million and one choices today for how we can spend our time. 

Only God knows the things He had planned for our day though. 


Take time.

Seek Him first.

Write down all the ideas and the schedule and the plans.

But then lift them up to Him for clarity and purpose and direction.

Last week, I set out with my list of errands but I asked God to order them according to His plan for my day. 

As I worked through the list, there were several times I ended up in an unexpected place able to help someone else with their interrupted schedule. 

I managed to get all my tasks done, but even if I hadn’t …I would have been on His schedule. 

So much better. 


Be blessed as you start out your week. 

Seek Him…adjust…be flexible. 

It is the people along the way that matter most and yes, we have to balance maintenance of home and errands and practical things…

But check out what God’s mission was for you today and do it.

Do it as well as you can with the strength you have and by the way…

Come back tomorrow…




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