July Books and August goals <3

Well we are home for a marathon vacation.

And I possibly have car-lag from too many hours of driving, so today’s post is just a check in with what I read and what I hope to read.

My hope is to fill you in on the stack I read in July this week as they were some good ones.

But for sure I am going to share the top one on the stack: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle.

I read this as a child and loved it. Got it for our kids and I think I made them read it because it is one of my all-time favorite books.

Tia bought a copy for Graham this year and brought to him on one of her visits. I have tried reading a book with him each summer and I told him I would get a copy and read along so we could talk about it.


this kid…

asked if I would read it to him when we are together.

So each week we have carved out some time to read it and we finished it sitting on the porch of our vacation home early in the morning this past week.

He would climb into the chair next to me and endured me bawling through the last chapter which I have never been able to make through dry-eyed even if I am just telling you about it.

I have no idea if the boy will remember this book and us reading it, but it has to have been one of the top ten highlights of my grand parenting career thus far.

Not sure how much longer he will be interested in this idea, but wow..it’s golden.

As for August:


I am halfway through the Jan Karon book because as I mentioned…looooonnnnnggggg car ride. It was gifted to me from some dear friends who love the Mitford series and I have to say, it is light and cheerful reading and I appreciate that in this stage of the summer.

John brought me the N. T. Wright book after he finished. I am looking forward to reading that as I have read his work in some devotionals.

The other book was a birthday gift.

So there you have it.

Indulge me tomorrow to summarize the other July books, and let me know what you are reading <3

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