Just a quick hello…because you matter to me <3


I am rushing around and hoping I can get the hair and face pulled together and out the door in record time so that I don’t spend the entire drive up north fussing at myself for being late again…

but we shall see.

It was not on my radar to drop a post here today, but lately I have been letting it slide a little more and to be honest…it’s because I am in a season of several transitions and readjustments.

And we all know who well I handle change.

But there have been a series of changes that have happened in rapid succession.

And I just want to remind you and me both that God is Sovereign and God’s plan is not interrupted by our interruptions.

I also want to say that it has been a fabulous opportunity to do a heart check and find that I have, indeed, been slowly but surely growing and maturing in my faith, so there is that, too.

How about you?

I hope you are holding steady in whatever is coming your way.

I am lifting a prayer for anyone who might happen along and read this today and I am rooting for you to soldier on and know that you are loved and held <3

Peace out, and I will chat with you tomorrow <3

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