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Hello and happy Wednesday!

I keep a running list of ideas to write about and since I am short on time, I pulled it up and found this tidbit. 

It’s just a slice of life observation and won’t add a single thing of value to your day except maybe you have experienced this too and it will make you laugh. 

I have noticed on airplanes when I have traveled alone that there is more often than not this kind of self-isolation with your seat mates. 

Except for the mandatory “excuse me” as you or they reposition to make room, there is zero conversation. Both tend to stay busy with looking at the phone or a book or closed eyes.

Then when the plane has landed and you are both trying to gather up stuff in those tight quarters, this person who said nothing the entire flight asks if you are changing planes, is this your home or are you on vacation, chats you up about how rude everyone is, etc. 

It makes me laugh every time because it’s like once we are all semi-crouching under those low cabinets and trying to figure out how we are going to pull our carryons down without beaning someone, it’s safe to open up a quick conversation. 

I totally get it. 

On rare occasions, I have sat next to someone who begins this kind of meet and greet before the attendants have even pulled out their air bag, mini seat belt and flotation device demo. They are asking me about the book I am reading, where I am going, where I have been and filling me in on the details of their life. 

When this happens, my inner introvert alarms go into full operational mode and I hope and pray we can keep it on a safe surface and then move into the part where we just try not to brush sleeves against each other. 

I have heard lovely stories and testimonials from people about deep and meaningful conversations with fellow air travelers. They make great stories for sharing, but I am also quite content to just have a history of short and shallow interactions as we grab the bags and head up the aisle. 

How about you? Where do you fall in this travel personality spectrum? Would love to know <3

On a separate note…

Thanks for all the kindness for our anniversary.

Here is the last shot of the day –

we thought it was funny that our 42 year is also Graham’s baseball number so he obliged us with this photo. It was also his dad’s football number, however we didn’t insist Zach dig out his old jersey for a picture with us.

We are nice like that. 

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