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Just an observation from the wilderness…


Just a quick check in with you today. 

I am currently reading in Exodus in the 30 plus section of chapters and once again this is something that just amazes me. 

Sometimes I limit the amount of information Moses carried with him down from Mt. Sinai to the Ten Commandments. But there was oh..so much…more. 

Since I am using The Message for this year’s read through, the language is a bit simpler and yet still, all the details for the building of the Tabernacle are incredible. 

When I was little, I can remember sitting at my Grandma’s house listening to my Aunt Lizzie talk. She spared no details in describing homes she had visited or places they had traveled. As she verbally walked us through someone’s interior rooms or down a street in London, my head would spin as she recalled every detail of it. 

I could not have repeated it back to her nor could I have mapped it out on paper or recognized it if I saw it based on her descriptions.

I must not be a spacial or abstract thinker. 

Thankfully when God gives me pictures they are quite simple and direct and clear. 

If you explain to me how to do something or how to get somewhere, we may as well stop after the first line of the instruction because between, “Okay, go down to the next block and take a left…” and “Then you just make a right into the parking lot and you can’t miss it.” my mind has begun to spin like a plastic tab dropped in the garbage disposal. 

I simply cannot retain a litany of instruction all at one time. I have to see them written down and then YouTubed for good measure. I have to turn things in the direction of where they are headed so my brain can follow the steps. 

Moses didn’t have a notepad or an iPad or nothing to take down all these instructions. He came down the mountain toting two stone tablets and, at the ripe age of around 90 plus, a head full of dimensions, fabric and embellishments, wardrobe for the priests, layout of the worship areas…all of it. 

I look at our world and how we seem to have “evolved” into such a high level of intelligence and I think we might want to give that assessment another once over. 

As Moses laid out all the plans God had given him, the Holy Spirit fell on various craftsmen and they spun out elaborate curtains, fashioned gold plating and jeweled ephods, cut gems, engineered a tent that could be taken down and reassembled for a forty year journey, crafted incense and oils…and all of it in the middle of a desert. 


I don’t think our Ikea tables and Pinterest DIY’s are that awesome in comparison. 

God is amazing. 

Read the Book. 

Marvel at who He is and how He equips ordinary people in uncomfortable seasons of change to do extraordinary things. 

I fear we settle for far less than what He has for us <3

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