Just around the corner <3

March madness is upon us and so of course I have filled out two brackets for different pools  using my tried and true method of selecting teams based on how familiar I am with their name.

Or if they come from a state that seems to be known for sports.

Or I just like the sound of their name and not the other team.

Like Gonzaga and Villanova.

Those are just fun names to say so…yeah…I think they have a good shot at winning.

We have resumed taking walks outside and I am getting the urge to deep clean everything (it will pass, don’t worry) and I refuse to put a winter coat on even though the temperatures are barely hitting 40 degrees.

Because even though it isn’t any warmer than it was two weeks ago…by golly it is MARCH and that means spring is just around the corner.

So it makes me bold and hopeful and breathless in anticipation that farmers will be turning those crusty fields soon and green will come again to this part of the country.

It’s called H.O.P.E.

And hope gives me courage.

We are living in some pretty rough times.

You could say it feels like winter a lot when we read the paper or listen in on conversations around us or think of the world that is being shaped for our grandchildren to grow up in.

But I have H.O.P.E.

And it isn’t placed in an administration or a movement or a government or a # or that we are evolving into better humans.

My hope is held firm in the transforming work of Jesus Christ.

Christ alone can change hearts.

We can make laws and try to shame people into better behavior by calling them out publicly but only One can do the inner work in each one of us to bring about true reformation of character.

Only Christ can soften the hardest of hearts and change our want-to from self to serving.

We are days away from the final week of the season of Lent as we prepare our hearts to truly celebrate the events of Holy Week and the joy of the Resurrection Sunday <3

May we throw off the heavy cloaks that belong to our old season and rejoice in the new Life we have in Christ.

Look for some buds popping out on trees today…open the blinds…put out some flowers…breathe deeply and believe the H.O.P.E. that is in you <3

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