Just that kind of day

Monday has a feel to it. Even when it is a holiday. Catching up from the weekend and putting things in order for the week ahead.

This holiday is nice because I am not working it. Neither is Russ. So it seemed only right to visit the grandsons. We have gotten to do snow activities and story time at their library. The snow activities involved paper, glue and glitter and the story time was more like an aerobic workout.

So now we are all crashed in various modes of nap and rest time.

And I am thinking back over the lessons God is gently and patiently planting in me for the first few weeks of 2014. I like them. I need them.

Things like yesterday’s sermon on seeking guidance for the big and little decisions by asking God for wisdom, seeking the Scriptures diligently for the answers and applying them faithfully so that they become a part of my standard operations.

Things like reminders EVERYWHERE that all the things I think I got shorted on, got bypassed from, was left out in…yeah…that’s just another way for doubt to creep in. Accepting and being grateful for….this is the way of obedience.

Things like Joy being found in Christ alone. And focusing on Him is the means to putting everything else in perspective.

These are good things.

What are your lessons so far in 2014?

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