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Keep seeking…He can be found <3

In the home where I grew up there were some things that you could count on being where they had been placed no matter how many years passed and what else was moving in a rapid race of needed or forced change outside our four walls.

One was the sewing caddy housed on the second shelf of my mom’s linen closet.

If you folded the accordion door back, your eyes would meet this little contraption which held several spools of thread that never matched what you needed to mend, a couple of needles and pins stuck in the padded tummy and a pair of black scissors, so dull they couldn’t cut thin air.

It was supposed to look like a kangaroo, or a least that’s what it looked like to me.

The ineffective scissors were necessary to complete the shape, because they were the only ones that fit down in the spiral behind the whole thing and they were just the right size to depict the critter’s ears.

Another staple was a huge brass urn from Japan sitting in the entrance to the living room at one end of the couch.

My mom had planted a philodendron in it that seemingly thrived better under her care than any plant in its natural habitat every could.

On the opposite end of the long couch, you could always count on an old black leather Bible that was never actually opened, as far as I knew, except by me. (*please see note at end)

I remember opening its pages as a teenager and trying to find some kind of answer to whatever angst happened to be on me at the moment…but mostly the words made no sense to me.

They seemed locked in a code that I was unable to crack.

But I kept trying.

And as I continued through the years to find answers in other places and other ways, always loving Jesus…mind you…but not understanding He is The Word found in the pages of the words of Scripture…

God graciously led me back time and again to the pages of a variety of Bibles that are now inked up and coffee stained.

There are watery tears and sermon notes in the margins of most of them…

and slowly…


He has removed scales over the years.

Time and again I read the same passages I have read so many times and I see new things each time I dig in to the depths of these God-breathed words.

I hope and pray during this season we call Lent that each of you are finding time to crack open His Word and your hearts…allowing Him to show you more of who He is.

Blessed are the people who know the passwords of praise, who shout on parade in the bright presence of GOD.

Delighted, they dance all day long; they know who you are, what you do – they can’t keep quiet!

Your vibrant beauty has gotten inside us- you’ve been good to us!

We’re walking on air!

All we are and have we owe to God, Holy God of Israel, our King!

Psalm 89:17-18 The MSG

  • While the pages of that black leather Bible rarely saw daylight in our living room, my parents were readers of Scripture. In later years, before Alzheimers disease took my father’s mind, my mom told me he would sit for hours reading his Bible. When we brought her here to care for her while he succumbed to that evil disease, she would sit and read her own Bible and pray for us. I couldn’t leave you thinking they were without the Truth of God written on their own hearts <3
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