Keeping Christ in CHRISTmas


As we were chasing two little guys around Navy Pier on Saturday, I tried to soak in the large displays of how different countries celebrate Christmas.

They were lovely, like living pages of a beautifully illustrated Christmas book…but of absolutely no interest to those under the age of 4 in our party….

Each display featured a larger than life representative of the “Santa” and a story board with a description of ┬áthat country’s “typical” Christmas tradition.

The one feature that all seemed to have in common was something to do with the Christ-child…hay put out on the table, the lighting of a candle, the reading of the Scriptures.

Each was a sweet and tender reminder of His coming.

Each one of these was done before any gifts were opened.

Before any food was eaten.

I spoke with our middle daughter last night. They are both so busy with the work they do. She said she wasn’t putting a lot out for Christmas, probably not even the tree…but she mentioned…the nativity I brought them from Kenya is out.

If we have but one tradition, let it be the Nativity…let it always be Christ…




and always…

Christ <3

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