Kicking off Lent with a slight episode of back-sliding….sigh….

Well, full confession. 

This morning when I woke, I checked my text messages. And yes, opened Facebook. I saw a post about someone’s birthday and realized I was not supposed to be on Facebook. 


It’s become a habit. 

So I moved the icon for the app into a little folder that makes it harder to get to. 

More confession…I am determined to do a legitimate “Journey through Lent 2023” series, but haven’t felt led to a certainty on a theme or if there will even be one. 

That will be today’s rainy day project. 

Lastly, I heard from a couple of people that the fast from social media idea struck a chord in them. 

So on the off chance that you are feeling led to stay off social media and have not signed up to receive the posts from the Journey in your email, here is how you do that. 

On the main webpage —> https://www.laurareimer.net

Scroll down to the very bottom and you will see a place to subscribe.

Also you may have noticed a little box that pops up sometimes on the daily post that is purple and offers a pdf I did on Deep Healing. You can just submit your name and email to that and if you don’t want to read the pdf, just delete that when it comes. 

The emails come only when I write a post and you just click on the “read more” prompt to see the full post. 

Here is a photo from the website:

Okay…meeting adjourned. 

I promise to be back tomorrow with more interesting content. 

Blessings on your day and if you have already messed up on your fast, you are in like company here. No judgment. It just shows we selected the right thing to remove for a while! 

Hugs and prayers 

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