Learning from mistakes…can be slightly painful…

So I am learning that not all purging is a good idea.

We thought deleting photos from the website media library would be ok as long as they were saved in a post. I ran a test on the most recent one, deleting the pictures used on that post…and all seemed well…

So with my new-found desire to be breaking free from the label “data-hoarder”, I zealously deleted quite a few pictures in two different sessions.

And then the next day, about purged my lunch when I realized a LOT of my posts from the past now have empty boxes where pictures used to be….

So that’s been a project for the last few days, because it is just hanging over me like this huge black cloud. (I am not posting a picture right now, the wound is too fresh…)

And I have come to realize a few things:

1. While there are worse mistakes I could make with this blog thing, this one is quite a bit of a nuisance

2. I am thankful I have a backup on the site, but wish desperately I knew how to operate it

3. The photos that I have used that illustrate the journey are incredibly important to me

4. I will definitely continue the old practice I had of copying and pasting posts onto a Word document, because tracing pictures through this has been extremely helpful, and sometimes old school is best….

5. I take a LOT of pictures and have spent the last three days going through most of them several times and I will be more diligent in the future to not keep EVERY copy of EVERY picture since I seem to have quadrupulets of quite a few….

6. I don’t think quadupulet is a word, but at this point, I don’t really care

7. Really painful lessons seem to be the most effective way to learn

God bless you, and thank you for your patience as I fill in the blanks….


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