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Lost and found…

Last night was Russ’s office Christmas Party. As I was getting ready, I couldn’t find a pair of earrings he had purchased for me last year from one of our local jewelry stores. I looked through my “nice” jewelry drawer and then hurriedly dug through my everyday bling. (Don’t judge me, I may have an accessory obsession…but admitting it is half the solution, right?)

We were already running late, so I made another selection and we headed out. It was a nice event, but in the back of my mind was uneasiness about where they might be.

The search resumed when we got home. I knew I had not taken my good jewelry on our recent travels, but for some reason felt I had tucked this pair in at the last minute when we went to Kansas City. I searched all the pockets and innards of both suitcases, the last purses I used, my makeup bag, and even the book and knitting bags I took….nothing….

My frustration and angst were so heavy at this point that to not tell Russ was the equivalent of lying. 33 plus years of marriage to the likes of me have softened the man (or more likely just worn him down). He calmly nodded his head and encouraged me that we would find them.

With his reassurance, I went to sleep saying a simple prayer, “Lord, You know that these mean a lot to me because Russ gave them to me. You know I would never be careless with them, and you know where I put them. So please bring this to my remembrance as I sleep.”

At 4:30 AM my eyes flew open and I pictured my curling iron case. It has a little side pocket and sure enough, I had slid the earrings down in there to keep them safe on our Thanksgiving travels.


Like the woman who found her coins, I happily rejoiced and God bless him, invited Russ to share in the celebration. He mumbled a ‘that’s great”, before rolling back over for more sleep…more proof that he has spent waaaaaay too much time with this blonde mess.

Be encouraged today, God knows the details of the things that concern you. He knows the way of those precious things that seem lost. He knows the end from the beginning. Talk to Him about your anxieties, ask for His help and then rest and listen.

He IS…Emmanuel….God with us <3

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