May Book Review….wish I was kidding, but here we are folks <3

Well, here are the books I read this month. Some of them I read several times. 

Yes, it is summer. May was insane and June is not looking any more promising. 

Last week, we made the band of brothesr and little Miss sit still for thirty minutes and read. It was the closest thing to heaven on earth I have experienced in a while. 

One fell asleep over his book, but I think he needed the rest more than the reading. A couple of times someone would ask how much longer we had, but overall it was the sweetest blanket of quiet and we will be doing again. 

I have some books I am working on, and I am attempting to develop a discipline of reading time. 

As for the books I read, the Berenstain Bears were a favorite of our three and have definitely been well used by this next generation of children we call ours. While the lessons are hung on to with deep attention as we read, so far I haven’t noticed them being adopted as the norm in lifestyle. 

I think the kids love the family setting, the house in a tree and the fact that they seem to conflict resolve on the regular. We, as adults, are able to harken back to the lessons taught, and since we basically have the books memorized, we can instruct straight out of the Bear family dialogue. 

I do regret that Papa Bear is not given more respect. A fall back to the genre of TV dad’s who were just kind of there for comic relief. Other than that, I obviously consider these books keepers and highly recommend. 

Have a fun Monday. 

You. Are. Loved. 


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