Monday Funday….not really, but I am working on my attitude….<3


Hey all!

So it’s Monday and some of our life is going back a little closer to normal and some is remaining in the new normal and some is just plain abnormal…as in the mask I have to put on when I go into a building that is not our home.

And let me just say that I want to give a huge thank you to all the medical people in my life who have cared for me whilst wearing one of these things because they are horrid…seriously the most awkward things ever.

So thank you surgeons and anesthetists and nurses and dentists who have donned them without complaining and taken care of us for years.

We had no idea.

In other news, I have found someone through the wonderful Declare community who is helping me with my website woes…and she is working her magic behind the scenes as we speak.

So if you subscribe to my email list, that is getting an overhaul…and if you don’t mind checking your email spam in a week or so if you aren’t hearing from me, that would be awesome.

She is also adding cool things like social media links at the bottom and helping me come up with better ways to meet and greet you and I am kind of nervous and excited…like to the point that when I was talking to her today I spaced out on my email password and had a total freak out breakdown trying to remember it.

But I’m ok now and back to just being excited.

So bear with me and be patient if anything unusually goofy happens to the site…and that doesn’t include me and what I might post because you can’t work all the kinks out of me.

Believe me…my family has tried.

Be blessed today…I promise tomorrow will be interesting so come back.

And the nice part is, you and I can get as close to our computers as we want and it’s a no-mask-zone…so win. win.

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