My Why….


When I told you we would be celebrating and reminiscing about how this blog got started and the days that have led to years, I hope you were in for the full meal deal.

I am wringing all the emotions out of this milestone as possible. Go big or go home…that’s my motto.

So I wanted to pull up two important pieces of writing that are the foundation of Journey Onward that are actually accessible on the site…but tucked away and rarely visited. Isn’t that how foundations work?

The solid and firm undergirding that holds up what you see every day.

So here is the first one.

It is my Mission Statement and the testimony behind why I took the time to write it down. Notice the Mission Statement was penned six and a half years BEFORE the blog started:

In 2006, I attended the memorial service for a young woman who was incredibly amazing and managed to touch more lives for Jesus in her very short tenure than some people touch in the lengthy years they are given.

One of the most interesting things to me was reading her Mission Statement. Barely in her 20’s, she had spent time focusing on what mattered most in her life and what anchored her and what she believed.

I studied that for many days and determined that it was time I did this in my own life. When I read it 8 years later, it remains unchanged, unedited, unwavering:

My Mission Statement             July 8, 2006

I believe that I was born of the Fall – that I was born lost.

I believe that Christ died for me; that He took my place and paid the debt of my sin – all of it – the sin brought on by Adam & Eve and my own sinful choices.

I believe that because of His sacrifice, I am forgiven and reconciled back to God.

I believe that until Christ returns to earth for final judgment, I live in the tension of being sanctified and of needing daily forgiveness and cleansing because I exist and function in a fallen world.

I believe that each and every day I make the choice to lay down my life; to die to my natural self and allow the life of Christ to be lived out in me.

I believe that I live in constant revelation, but that I only have dim knowledge.

I believe that Jesus commissioned me to go and spread the Gospel. Because Christ lives in me; every day, everywhere I go, the life of Christ has expression to this world. My life is connected irrevocably to the LIVING Christ.

My hands are His Hands; my feet are His Feet; my eyes are His Eyes; my ears are His Ears; my mouth is His Mouth; my mind is His Mind; my heart is His Heart.

My mission is to be a vessel for the outpouring of my Savior every moment <3

Laura Reimer

The second one I want to share is entitled “About You”

When I was starting the blog, I looked at other blogs and they typically had a section called “About me” where the author introduced herself so you could know her. I figured since my writing was going to be sharing my journey, you would have information on me. Ad nauseam since you know…I rarely minimize words and details…

So I decided to flip that one and write a section called “About You”


About You

I don’t know who reads this, but I know that you have been prayed for. I have asked God to lead you here if you need to hear what He is saying through me.

I have prayed that you will receive the Word that He has for you. I have prayed that my wacky view of life, meditations on Scripture, the deep stirrings of my spirit and sense of humor will be used mightily by Him for the purposes for which He has called me.

I pray that because you came here to this site, you were blessed, encouraged, strengthened and equipped.

I hope you laugh, if you need to and cry, if you need to.

I hope you will feel your comments are safe to leave with me. I would like to build community, but respect that not all comments were meant to be published. So, if you want to leave a comment, just tell me if it is private or to be posted! I review them before posting, so just let me know!!

I pray that YOU pray for me. To keep my heart pure and open before the Lord. To walk uprightly and in obedience. To seek to be the conduit of His thoughts and heart for you, the reader. For all that is of me to fall away. For Him to increase and me to decrease.

If the writings touch your heart, please share the site address with others as led by God.

Thank you for sharing my journey with me

Laura Reimer

Neither of those things have changed.

You are loved and I am thankful you stop by for a visit every now and again <3

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