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Now what?

On Saturday evening, Russ and I did an intensive clean up of the yard.


Knowing we were going to Iowa, the time change was going to start eating daylight around 4 pm and the forecast was for impending frost motivated us to get the yard mowed and the flower pots purged.


It’s that time…


when we nestle between getting over how fast summer went and asking why are they pushing Christmas on us when we haven’t had time to even enjoy Thanksgiving?


And for me, there is this desire in my heart to savor the days….each one…to truly not get caught up in magazine spread holidays…

To find the balance between the traditions of family that are so precious and truly preparing my heart for Christ to continue to be born in me.

To celebrate and live in the season with purpose and meaning that gives glory to God. All the while fighting the pull of the shiny objects that so often catch my attention, distracting me from all that really matters.

To continue to give Him my heart each day, and not lose my head…

To resist the lure of the market place and the show place and the kingdoms of this world and stay grounded and rooted at His feet….





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