Of flags and banners and such <3

I was recently driving in another city and trying to find my way from one place to another via a route unfamiliar to me.

As I was concentrating on street signs and traffic, suddenly my eyes caught some colorful flags flying from a series of high poles along the area I was passing.

Alternating purple and gold, they marked off the property belonging to one of the local high school campuses.

While the flags caught my attention first, it made me aware that I was in Raider Country as I surveyed the school grounds, parking lots and sporting fields on either side of these standards.

I love the play on words here…a “standard”.

By definition, a standard is a conspicuous object (such as a banner) carried at the top of a pole used as a rallying point for battle or as an emblem.

It can also mean something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, value, extent or quality.

And as I drove under those waving flags that marked off the area claimed by a public school in a typical Midwestern town, I couldn’t help but think of how each of us marches through our days with the Banner of the Love of Christ waving over our lives.

We, too, have a standard over us…a marking in the spiritual realm (and hopefully visible to human eyes in the tangible way we live) that we belong to the Kingdom of God.

Our worth and value are as children of the Most High God.

We belong to Him and His ways are our “standard”, as He has established the measures of all quality and quantity, all value and weight, the extent of all things by HIS authority.


At Buckingham Palace, you can tell whether the Queen is at home by the flag flying over her residence. The Union Jack means she is away…the Royal Flag means the Queen is present.

Your life is lived out under the standard of your God, who is always, very much, every day, at home in you.

Go forth today in faith; knowing and believing His banner OVER YOU…is unending, unfailing, ever working, never sleeping….LOVE <3

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