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As you all know if you visit here each week, sometimes Friday is just a copy of my Friday email encouragement that birthed this blog. Today I am sharing those thoughts here as well <3

There is much conversation going around and many thoughts being expressed and much activity that is stirring up our country and the world. And all of it in the midst of the wearing thin of a pandemic and trying to maneuver through our encounters with others with our faces and smiles and emotions concealed by masks. Or not. 

I am trying to listen to those who are expressing frustration that it took this to finally be heard. I am trying to figure out when I am to speak and when I am to be silent. I am sorting through the various agendas at work in the midst of a call for change in world systems that continue to be in place despite how advanced we think we are as a civilization. 

Like every human being, I have been judged, mistreated, misunderstood and maligned by white people, black people and people of color. I have also been the recipient of much love, acceptance and grace from people of those groups. But I cannot ignore that while I do have my heart skip a beat when I am going above the speed limit and I see a police car, or have rehearsed to myself and our children the safety measures if you are ever being pulled over in an isolated setting (decelerate, put on flashers and proceed slowly to a populated place to be safe) – I do not know what it is to be pulled over for being the color of my skin. 

We cannot deny this happens. 

And we cannot use our own experiences of rejection or ill treatment at this time as excuse to disregard what the black community is saying. 

I also understand that there are mixed and multiple messages…speak up, but not here…say something, but not that…you need to understand that you will never understand…and I’m sure you can fill in your own paradoxes encountered throughout the day. 

But as I am trying to process, listen, speak up and yet be silent for the right reasons, etc…I am becoming confused and confusion is of the enemy, as we know….so today I offer you two resources that have been helpful to me in both understanding the issues that exist and acknowledge the process I am working through and offer a Kingdom perspective on how to move forward. 

The first is a conversation between Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation church and his friend and fellow Pastor John Gray of Relentless Church. You can find their discussion about becoming the bridge here 


I found as I listened that many of my questions and thoughts were addressed by these two men. I learned much and will listen again and take notes. 

The second recommendation I have for you is an Instagram video posted by Priscila Shirer inviting us into their family worship service where her father, Dr. Tony Evans, speaks to his children and grandchildren about current events. I can only find it on Instagram so if you don’t have an account I would suggest you find a friend or family member or twelve year old who does and watch together.

Here https://www.instagram.com/p/CA3H9x-D44l/?hl=en

He talks about his two encounters with being stopped by police as a young man. One was at age 18 as he was driving to his job in a “white neighborhood.” I do the math and realize at that time I was 9 years old and living in a “white neighborhood. 

And did I know or think about that I was white and lived in such a designated place? No.

I had black friends at school and we played foursquare and sat in classes side by side and it never dawned on me that they lived in one part of town and I lived in another part of town.

And I feel stupid and sad and angry. But my feelings won’t change things.

The realization that this existed and exists still and has not improved if someone like Dr. Evans, who has spoken life and hope into me more times than I can count, still is instructing his grandsons how to properly be pulled over so as not exasperate a policeman who may not be one of the good ones. 

He speaks wisdom but he also speaks of how the church needs to be the place – all the churches…not the black churches…not the white churches…all the church of Jesus Christ…is the place where change needs to generate because until hearts change we will just replace one faulty human system with another faulty human system. 

As the church of Jesus Christ, we have leaders who are speaking into these times with biblical truth. Let’s not shrink back or choose to wait for things to “calm down”…that is not the way of the Cross. We need God’s wisdom and clarity and power to discern and act wisely. 

Only God can change hearts and only changed hearts can bring about a new system that promotes dignity, equity and hope for ALL people. A new world system replacing an old world system will still be a broken system. 

As followers of Christ, I urge you to listen and learn and seek God’s righteousness for all people. I encourage you to remember the admonition of James to be quick to listen and slow to speak and slow to get angry. I remind you and me that we are to consider others more highly than ourselves. Be careful in what you spread around with your words and your actions. Be careful to check out things you share with others to make sure they are true and are producing good fruit for everyone.

You bear the name of Jesus Christ and represent Him to the world. Draw near to Him and learn from Him and yoke yourself with Him as you ask how you can make a difference in this world. 

Blessings and love, 


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