This is going to be super quick for two reasons. 

I have fifteen minutes to get the post up or it won’t go out today, and the message is just a brief one that packs a huge punch.

I made it to the Gospels in my annual read through on August 27th. 

Right now I am halfway through the book of Luke. 

And something I am noticing over and over is how really simple the ministry of Jesus was. Talk about your three point sermon. 

It is listed over and over in numerous passages thus far, but one that really stood out was Mark 12 and 13. 

Jesus has commissioned the twelve disciples and sent them out and here is what they did:

  1. Preached that people should repent
  2. Drove out many demons
  3. Anointed many sick with oil and healed them

I have been sitting in this for a while so I will give you time to catch up. 

But how are we doing with this? 

I am 0 for 3. 

Much to ponder. 

Much to pray about. 

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