Perspective and how a little distance changes things <3

I was going to do a “well that was Christmas 2017” wrap up post today…but we aren’t quite finished with all that was this year so we can look forward to that on Tuesday.

Get some rest.

But I just couldn’t end the week without one last check in, although it doesn’t feel like the end of the week.

With Christmas Eve on Sunday and Christmas Day on Monday and people having days off and going back to work and then having another day off, it feels like we have had about a month’s worth of weekends in the past 7 days….however…it is Friday and we are headed into New Years-palooza….so….

I am disciplining my mind this morning to write something that is vaguely contemplative.

Last night Russ and I attended a holiday basketball tournament and watched a few local teams play a few not-so-far-away teams and it is always interesting to go to a sporting event where you have no dog in the race, so to speak.

Sitting in the stands amongst passionate parents and students who are somewhat paying attention to the game; but really more taking selfies and checking out the other team’s student section is interesting, to say the least.

Especially for a people-watching, over-analyzing student of human behavior such as myself.

I remember well back when the game mattered way more than it should have in the grand scheme of eternity so I can’t be overly critical of the gal who screamed some embarrassing things at the ref when she thought he could do a better job.

It’s easy to take a breath and put the whole high school gym into perspective when you have walked a few miles down the road past those years.

Makes me look at the things that are getting me all worked up now and wonder if I need to step back a bit and look at it all as if it were in my rear view mirror.

What will matter five or ten years from now in the way I react to the wins and the losses of today?

Something to think about as we tuck the last of 2017 into our memories and move into the new year.

Sending out hugs and prayers for a safe and healthy and happy celebration this weekend and I look forward to seeing you in 2018 <3


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