Randomness for your Thursday <3


I have some thoughts tumbling around in my mind, so it must be a good day for Randoms…here we go, in no particular order:

Random #1

I have been going to the Physical Therapist who helped me rehab after the repair for a meniscus tear in January of 2021. Somehow there is something in my knee that gets riled up every now and again causing swelling and discomfort as a result. 

They have mentioned inflammatory arthritis as the culprit and two different Cortisone shots seemed to help for a while, but the last one only brought two months of relief. Since I am prone to Google, I was researching what I could do physically for chronic swelling and all my searches led me to PT as the answer. 

I was trying to figure out how to do the exercises when it dawned on me to just call the experts and see what they had to say. I visited with them and they set up a four week program to get me back on track.

After two weeks, I can, in the words of my husband, say I am cautiously optimistic that we are headed towards the solution. 

The swelling has decreased significantly and they are helping me strengthen the muscles to support knee mobility. 

It’s a process. 

So when I saw this sign on the wall today as I did weighted leg lifts, I snapped a picture to remind all of us. 

Healing is not linear. 

It doesn’t go in a straight line. 

Whether it is healing of a physical, mental, spiritual or emotional wound; the path has curves with hills and valleys. 

So be patient.

Keep doing the work that moves you toward health.

And hang out with people who will walk the winding path towards healing and wholeness with you; showing you kindness, grace and patience. 

Random #2


Are you indecisive? 

While you mull over that question and try to make up your mind if you are or if you aren’t….I have a hack for you. 

Ordering off a menu used to be a very difficult part of what should be a fun experience. Eating out is considered, usually, a kind of pleasurable event. But if you are like me and stress over maintaining the obligatory conversation with the people you met for lunch or dinner whilst trying to read all the menu options, because I choose my meal like it is going to my last one ever, then here is my tip. 

Google (here we go again) the menu in advance. 

Take your time and read at length all the ingredients, sides and options. Have two or three top choices in your head by the time you get to the restaurant (because if the feature is no longer offered or they ran out, you will not enjoy the tailspin that follows.)

If you are at all like me and truly get distracted by multiple choices, enter your main picks in the notes section of your phone so you don’t forget.

Keep in mind the prices may have increased since, even though we are currently not experiencing inflation…ahem…prices at restaurants seem to fluctuate as much as they do at the gas pump these days. 

With your decision firmly in place, all you have to do is glance at the menu to locate what you landed on…don’t let your mind stray over the other options!

And voila…you aren’t holding up everyone when the waiter comes to take the final order. 

You’re welcome.

PS, for those of you who don’t struggle but know someone…feel free to pass this along. 

Since my randoms are wordy today, I will close with one more.


This was the sky yesterday. 

So many planes going in so many directions. 

And for a brief moment I thought back to 2020 and how for months the skies were empty. 

I know that air travel comes with its fair share of hassles these days, but can we just stop and be thankful that we are able to get places we need or want to be again? 

Kind of takes me back to Random #1. 

The events of the past several years have been hard. 

We are still healing. 

Our children, teachers, health care workers and people in the service industry are stressed and overwhelmed as they make up for almost two years of disruption, rapid change and all the psychological and social after-surge it left in its wake. 

So be patient, be kind, pray a lot for others.

Extend grace frequently and thank those who are showing up <3 

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