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The concept of what it means to “abide” in Christ captured my attention in morning devotions so I have been doing a bit of a word and Bible study (guess that would be a word and Word study) and as I decipher through my notes, I am sharing bits and pieces of the findings and the musing. 

One of the sources I read was a website christianity.com which I want to always emphasize to you, when I search something I try my best to do a quick check on the people and faith mission behind it, but I don’t ever want to 100 percent recommend a resource to you. Please…check out the whole picture of any Christina site you are researching and make sure they are, to the best of human ability, solid in their beliefs about the Trinity, Scripture and the Gospel. 

That being said, here is what I discovered as I pursued gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to “abide” with Him. 

The article pointed out that the word “abide” in most of the passages in the New Testament that speak to this condition we need to be in on this faith journey, point to connection, dependance and continuance.

We can see in the words “continuance” and “dependance” more of a relationship connotation than a specified way to exist.

So, like all things we know about grace, abiding is not something we work towards but something that happens as we continue on learning about Jesus, applying His teachings to our life choices and activities and then trusting Him to be there with us, for us and to rely on His presence for wisdom, discernment, protection, provision, correction, direction…an on-going movement that somehow stays put. 

I thought to myself that is almost as if there is movement in staying put in one place. 

So there is a fluid level of activity, even as we stay firmly attached to Christ and His teachings.

As I type that I think of traveling by car or plane. The body remains fixed but by choosing to remain in the vehicle, you are moving through space from one location to another. 

I also read this quote and am chewing on it as well:

“Abiding is a reality true to all Christians but an experience we grow into by degrees.”


So we see here another truth about faith –> we grow in faith constantly.

Maybe slower in some seasons, maybe quicker in others; but the nature of faith is an atmosphere of both transformation and growth. 

So it would seem that all who have received Christ are in some measure “abiding” but to what degree? 

And how can we actively participate in this abiding? 

That, my friend, is for tomorrow’s visit…I hope you will return <3

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