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Save your energy for the real battles <3


I’m glad you stopped by. I really am. 

Today’s thought is a brief one and springs from something God showed me a number of years ago that came to mind as I was driving home from work yesterday. 

I was running late to the next thing on the day’s calendar, only because I tend to book things tightly together and forget I can’t beam myself places….Star Trek, you let me down on what the 21st century was going to offer.

As I was driving and stewing because…late again…my mind was also hopping ahead into the next couple of weeks and different things I will need to be prepared for and working through possible snags…because apparently I can beam my imaginary self into the future.

Anxiety began to cloud my vision as my emotions became engaged in things that may not even happen, and that’s when God reminded me of a lesson He taught me in May many years past.

I know it was May because we had experienced a rather significant relationship breach to our family and it was Graduation Season. 

For parents of teens, you know this as back to back open houses where you basically eat the same meatballs, veggies/fruit/cheese trays and cake at a variety of houses and venues with the same forty people over the course of three weekends.

As our family hauled our raw emotions into the minivan and headed off to the first of these events where most likely someone would ask us questions that would trigger awkward tears, I found myself almost hyperventilating from grief. 

And then God whispered a truth into my heart and reminded me that at the current moment in time, I was safely sitting in the sanctuary of our family circle. 

He asked me to look around and show Him the actual people and conversations I was getting all worked up about. 

No one in the car was talking about the situation. I was not required at that time to respond to anything. 

Our local Christian radio was playing worship songs, my wonderful better half was driving and we had our kiddos quietly sitting in the back. 

It was indeed well with my soul in that sacred space for that time. 

I felt Him press upon my heart the reality that I needed to just breathe and rest…to trust Him for whatever lay ahead that He would give me the words needed and the strength and if all I could muster were tears, then that, too, would be in His hands.

The tension slipped away and I learned an important lesson which I have to re-visit frequently. 

It comes from Scripture and it speaks to my soul regarding not worrying about tomorrow…or the next hour…or two weeks from now…how you are going to deal with this or that situation or confrontation. 

All we have to deal with is right now. 

We do not have to work up energy to deal with things we imagine might happen. 

All we need to do is exist in this moment. 

One breath at a time. 

And then another. 

Moment by moment, day by day….He is faithful <3

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