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Selective craving

Like most of you, January is time to reprogram from holiday diet and exercise to normal diet and exercise.

Once the leftover goodies have been finished off, of course…


because…waste not, want not…right?

So gradually, I have been reintroducing everyone’s favorite….fish and poultry, broccoli and plenty of salad….


Russ is beyond thrilled, as am I.

But the funny thing is, the other night as I was cutting up veggies for the salad…that celery actually looked kind of appetizing.

And I was really looking forward to blueberries again.

Because we do end up craving what we make our regular diet.

So what do you feed your spirit with?

If it is the things of this world…or the things of God…whatever you feed on, that is what you will crave.

So I encourage you, satisfy your hunger and thirst with the one thing…the only thing….that is safe to crave.


God bless you as you fill your life with more of Him this  year <3

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