September Book Review


Well friends, I only managed to finish reading one book the month of September. I have been working on a second book that I hoped I could squeak in here, but still have enough to go that I will have to save for October’s review. 

The one I did read is actually a Bible study on the book of Romans written by Jessica Mathisen. I discovered Jessica’s kind and encouraging voice through a ministry called “Well- Watered Women” which you can find on Instagram or here at this website: https://wellwateredwomen.com/

Jessica and her husband experienced several difficult trials all piled onto the pandemic and as a result of her search for healing and comfort, she wrote this beautiful 30 day Bible study. Taking Romans chapter 8, she uses a verse a day to take us through an encouraging journey rediscovering what HOPE in Christ looks like. 

Each day has a brief devotional written that shares some small portions of her struggle, but mostly the process of seeking God and finding him in the midst of the trial. Following the devotional reading she has a couple of prompts to help the reader dig deeper and then a sweet prayer to end the day’s work. 

Because I joined her launch team mid-September, I did the reading in larger chunks and even with this crash-course method, I was inspired by her words and her observations about this chapter in Romans. 

She expanded my understanding of somewhat familiar passages and led me to applications that have already begun to do a work in my own heart and life. And I love how she calls this Hope “overwhelming” since I am typically more geared to be overwhelmed by hopelessness.

I will definitely be going back through this as part of my morning devotions this coming month, doing it as it should be done, one day/one verse at a time. 

Jessica is also leading a small group experience that begins this month. You can join here https://www.jessicanmathisen.com/shop-community

This little devotional is the perfect length for a 30 day study, would be great to do alone or with a friend or small group AND makes a great gift idea. Order a copy here https://www.amazon.com/Overwhelming-Hope-Spirit-Brings-Storms/dp/B0BCRXDNWF (I do not receive any commission from link.)

I highly recommend the book and also following Jessica on Instagram plus sign up for her email list. She doesn’t flood you (like I do) but shares periodically and is always a breath of fresh air in my inbox. 

Blessings friend and happy reading. 

As always, feel free to let me know what you are enjoying!

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