Simple gratitude <3


I am making a quick visit here. My schedule has been kind of wonky this week and I didn’t get on yesterday. I always feel like I am missing a chance for a chat on days like that and this one is proving hurried as well. My fault because I slept in and moved slowly. 

Have to buzz out of here in ten minutes and my hair needs some resuscitation, so here is my little thought of the day. 

I love to scroll Instagram far too much. It is the closest thing to reading a Woman’s Day/Family Circle magazine as I can get in this current culture. I love seeing the clothing, homes, recipes and exercise clips. I save a million that I never use. 

But one influencer caught my eye this week. The camera panned a kitchen that resembled the one we have now or the one in our old house before we remodeled.

Regular wood cabinets, a stainless steal sink, no tiling along the walls under the cabinets. Just a normal looking kitchen that we sit in and marvel over our phones at more modern, trendy ones. 

And the post read as the video played, this is my kitchen and I love it. She went on to say that we need to embrace and love what we have. 

True words. Maybe we need to hear that more often, right? And for sure we need to say it. I do, anyway <3

Have a blessed day. 

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