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Skin deep

Happy Thursday!IMG_4778

I heard people saying yesterday how great the weather was.

I think we may have lowered our standards a bit people. It was in the mid-80’s with 76% humidity. But it wasn’t pouring down rain and it wasn’t in the 90’s with 90% humidity so everybody I saw was like…

Best Day Ever!!!

The lack of sun plus lack of time, added to all the health warnings about sun exposure, have driven me to use one of those miracle moisturizers that supposedly builds a natural tanned appearance over time.

I don’t even want to know what chemicals are involved…so let me just believe it is not harming me, please and thank you.

It’s all fine until we have been on the road this summer and I use one of those hotel towels that is bleached whiter than white.

After my shower, the evidence points to the ugly truth that the lotion is just a colored dye on my skin.

A real change in skin color happens when sunlight works with cells in the skin to produce melanin. This process means my skin actually is transformed to a darker color.

Okay…science lecture is over and believe me, I know and understand the health issues involved with the whole concept of the damage that can be done, plus our culture’s weird obsession with tanning…so no warnings on sun exposure needed.

Because the point of all this is not about tanning, but about our hearts.

We can spend a lot of time putting applications of religion on that make us look like the real thing. A superficial coating that only changes the outer appearance.

Or we can get in the presence of the Son, letting His teachings soak into us, and become transformed…changed to be the kind of Christian whose faith doesn’t wash off with water but is truthfully a part of who he or she is.

These are trying times for people of the Cross.

More than ever we need to be grounded in God’s Word; seeking His face on our face, day by day, so that the things we profess are not just on the surface but penetrating down into the depths of our existence.

So rain or shine, today, tomorrow…every day…IMG_4779

get plenty of Son.

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