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So what is success going to look like when it’s all said and done?


I read an article recently that outlined a number of things successful people never do.

It haunted me for days because…

I do most of them.

Which explains a lot, I guess….

except what the author of the article defines as “success”.

Because I also read recently the post of one our missionary friends.

A couple who have served for about 30 years in Kenya and now Tanzania.

I have been blessed to not only pray for them and their ministry, but to have traveled to Africa twice to touch the very people who I prayed for AND who prayed for ME…

This post that I read was short and sweet and precious as they shared the passing of one of their first Maasai friends. The one who had taught them the language and given all of them their Maasai names.

In the short obituary, our friends shared news of her passing after a painful battle with cancer and tender ways that God’s kindness and faithfulness attended the death of His saint.

And then in the  middle of this paragraph is a phrase that sheds a new light on what defines success…

“She was the first Christian in her area…she suffered much for her faith.”

Oh my…

Does my Savior look down on me as I walk through a culture that so desperately needs Him and see that I bear His Name well…and that I am willing to suffer much for Him?

Success is to hear Him say when it is all over….


Well done, good and faithful servant <3

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