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So what’s bugging you?

IMG_5597On Sunday afternoon I took my Bible and a study out to the patio. It was an absolutely perfect early Fall day.  The sun was warm but not hot, and there was a gentle breeze. I set up shop for a good time of learning.

I was pretty focused until I realized that I was being attacked by numerous little black gnat things. Slowly the effort it took to shoo them away pulled my attention from the study.

As I looked around trying to find the source, I realized there was a lot of commotion in the tall trees at the back of the yard. Squirrels were apparently having some kind of party up there, because the branches were bobbing up and down and I could hear them chattering loudly to each other.

Peering up in the trees, something else caught my attention. It almost looked like a shiny gold leaf spiraling downward in a series of triangular movements. On closer observation, I realized it was a seagull.

And then more went by.

I was trying to figure out why their wing movement would resemble a pinwheel, when I saw….IMG_5940

And then another going in a different direction with no cloud in its wake. Like a perfect sticker of an airplane dotting the sky right over my head, it slowly passed.

They were so high up, I never heard a sound.

I wondered how many had flown over while I sat there.

And I have to tell you….as I gathered up my books to escape from the annoying gnats…I had two thoughts…

One was that I was actually studying how God’s thoughts are so much higher than mine…and then He went and sent two planes over my distracted blonde head just to prove His point….

and second…

when something is bugging you…look up.

Be encouraged today…right where you are…whatever you are doing…if you are making great progress, swatting gnats or staring up at the big blue sky…I pray you know you are loved. I pray that you and I (ok….especially  me….) will remember that His ways…His thoughts ARE higher than anything we are thinking, dealing with, processing…and yet HE reaches down to us ALWAYS as we…..

journey onward   <3

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