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Some Wednesday Randomness because it’s been a while


First off, I miss this peony bush terribly. It didn’t make it through one of the rough winters a few years ago and the bare spot makes me sad so we may need to fix that this year and try planting a new one.

Meanwhile we are waiting for the brief, but glorious Iris blooms to come along…sigh…spring.

Do you say “PEE-o’knee” or “pee-OH-knee” or … the totally enigmatic pronunciation that we encountered here in Central Illinois …”PIE-knee?”


That took way longer to type out than I anticipated…we may have to forsake a random or two in the interest of time.


Second, I met Emily Thomas at my first Declare Conference several years ago. She is hilarious and sweet and slightly sarcastic, but in a good and playful way.

She has a podcast “Mom Struggling Well” that has added some other hostesses recently.

They discuss a variety of topics related to the life of moms and homes and such these days and I highly recommend it.

Here is the website link to get you headed in the right direction:

https://momstrugglingwell.com or you can find her on Instagram under … of all things “momstrugglingwell”

Recently she had a post on Instagram that hit home with me as a tool we all could use.

She was referencing something she and her husband use when a topic is still hot and maybe too close to the surface to discuss rationally.

I think we all can relate – sometimes our feelings are too raw and we start in with dialogue that isn’t filtered.

Whether with a spouse, child, co-worker, dear friend…whatever…and the ensuing conversation ends up causing even more damage.

So she and her husband use a phrase…”ope…too fresh”

I have actually been applying this to my own thoughts as I sometimes try to sort through something that has happened.

In certain situations, stewing over an offense or upset or trigger comment can cause me to go into a tailspin of negative thinking.

A quick reminder that the initial injury may be too recent to be thought through in a calm and reasonable way is beneficial.

Giving myself time to let it settle a little by simply reminding myself…ope, too fresh…makes me smile and gives me needed space to process later with some rest and healthy distance.

pc/Rachel Maxwell

Last of all, yesterday a dear friend posted a picture of her robin’s eggs on front porch. Two blue and one mottled brown and white.

It reminded me of this post I wrote last year and when I read it, it hit home with me again so I am linking that post here:


We have been dealing with a lot of heavy things. Some people more than others, but when one in the Body is hurting, we all hurt.

I am praying for your souls to find rest in God today.

Peace out and I will see you tomorrow <3

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