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Speaking of….

Even with all the challenges like…

delayed flights

trying to fit the copious amounts of  necessary hair/face/skin products I need into a quart sized plastic bag (seriously…Dear Great Leader of the TSA….can we please up that to the gallon capacity???)…

overpriced concessions and undersized bladder…

yes…in spite of all of that…


I love to travel.

I love the views…


and the snacks…


but most of all I love the people watching…


Last Monday I had a three hour layover in Chicago.

So did two men sitting across from me.

They were on their way to some kind of a conference and being men with three hours to kill, they were busy busy on their laptops and phones.

They were moving and shaking the world from their vinyl covered power chairs.

While I do like to people watch, these two were pretty animated and I wondered if I could last the whole waiting period people watching this show.

But as they continued to plot and plan and change the course of the business world one phone call at a time…I started getting curious about what they do.

Because they were interested and excited about their upcoming conference and the details of deals being made and broken and patched together, they caught my attention.

I found myself celebrating with them as others from the team began showing up from other flights to join them for the last leg of their journey.

I wanted to break airport etiquette and ask them to tell me about who they work for and what their various roles are.

And I wonder.

Sometimes it seems that we are afraid as Christians to talk about our faith for fear we will drive unbelievers and outsiders away.

So we drop subtle hints and attempt to navigate culture as if we fit in…and maybe we need to be a little more like the businessmen in the airport.

If one of them had started asking me about my knitting, I would have most likely packed up and headed out of there rather quickly. I didn’t want them in my business…but their enthusiasm and passion about what they are about drew me into their world.

Perhaps it is good to both walk the walk AND talk the walk, openly and enthusiastically while also praying for discernment, grace and a fresh wind of fire to fuel our story and courage to share it with a watching world.

I pray we would be people who honestly and passionately share what Jesus means to us this Christmas  and then on into the new year and years to come as you and I…

journey onward   <3

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