Take me out to the ball game <3

This is the ball season that never ends, or so it seems. 

With three boys playing on separate teams and beaucoup makeup games for rainouts, we are now in the end of season tournament for our firstborn grand. 

It is double elimination and they lost the first game in a close one right at the last bat, so now every game counts if they are going to hang in there. 

Last night we gathered yet again at the ball park. Since a picnic table was kind of blocking our view from the yard chairs, I just sat at that and had what would be considered a box seat at the major league stadiums. 

A boy in same age bracket as Graham had arrived early for the next game to do some batting practice and when his coach was finished with him, this fellow was hot and tired and asked if he could sit by me. 

I scooted down and if there is anything I love in a young kid it is when they will talk to you. 

He asked me how it was going and then he asked me if I was nervous. 

Our boy was pitching at that point and I probably was feeling ever throw and showing it, but I could honestly tell him that no, I wasn’t nervous. 

I have sat through too many ball seasons to be banking my hopes for the future of the well-being of all things on planet earth to rest on my loved ones team winning this particular game. 

Oh be confident…there was a day…many a days…when this was not the case. 

There were many white knuckle prayers lifted in the bleachers and from bag chairs and as I paced behind the row of fans for fear I would holler out something inane that would give away that I had absolutely no idea what was going on with the game but I knew we were losing. 

But over the years I watched as kids who were bitter rivals became fast friends when the
“all-star” game eliminated the separate neighborhood teams and put all kids on one team. 

I have been told that all the trophies earned for every sport known to man times three holds no value to the children that earned them and yeah, you can just throw them away mom. 

The years and Facebook posts have proven that girls and boys who smack-talked each other and whose parents could barely be cordial due to team politics are now out being friends and raising their families together. 

So no. 

I am not nervous that Graham’s team will win or lose. 

I am praying for his heart in the process…praying for all their hearts. 

Praying they remember that when we lose a game, if we have played our best and own up to our mistakes, we have really won and have no reason to hang our heads. 

Praying they remember that sometimes we or our teammates will not play our best, and that is part of being human and how we extend grace and receive grace is also a win. 

Praying they remember that when we do win, someone else has lost and we will keep our celebrating in perspective. 

Praying that parents will remember a wonderful meme I saw that reminded everyone at a little league game that no scholarships would be handed out and to just let the kids be kids and have fun. 

I heard later that my little friend at the ball park and his team lost their game. I hope they played well. I hope they had fun. And I hope this young man continues to have the confidence to strike up a conversations with people of all ages. Cause in my book, he’s a winner <3

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