Taking a look at the “one word” thing…


So the thing the last few years that has kind of been added to the mix of goal-setting and resolutions appears to involve having a focus word.

You may have noticed that I have a tendency to use more words than necessary as part of my modus operandi. 

As Russ likes to point out, why use ten words when you can use a hundred…yes, that would be me. 

And if a picture paints a thousand words, then by all means…use both. 

Settling on one word seemed impossible until last year when I took the quiz and discovered the word “simplify” and it was like an epiphany moment.

And it probably wasn’t until well after the actual  Epiphany date on the liturgical calendar that I arrived at my word for the year, because besides being extremely verbal I am also rather slow to make decisions.

I wasn’t sure I would stick with the word very long since I tend to get bored and forgetful. 

But it would keep cropping up in unusual ways and I found myself pinpointing areas of my life I overcomplicate. 

I may touch on this more at some point…we shall see…

but since I did sharpen my ability to eliminate stress at certain points by not dwelling on EVERY SINGLE TINY DETAIL all. the. time….

I am skipping that for today and introducing you to a fun new perspective introduced to me by my friend Shelly D. Templin. 

Here is the link to her post about how she turned the one word idea in a new direction for 2019. 


I am giving it a whirl…tune in tomorrow…but for now enjoy her clever way with words <3

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