That thing God does with me <3

Well I have some more to say as follow up on yesterday’s thoughts and you can look forward to those tomorrow. And maybe Thursday…we shall see.

But today I have to stop and attempt to share this crazy way God has of speaking in themes.

First I need to share a little background on how most of these posts are written.

On very, very…oh so very…rare occasions…inspiration comes a day or two in advance and I get to write a nice, well-thought out and edited post for you to read.

Those days, and I could count them using just both hands in the three and a half years I have been doing this blog, I get to post the night before.

I go to bed with this wonderful sense of peace knowing it will be on the internet…all complete with pictures and such…at 6:30 A.M.

The rest of the time, goes much like today…

with me going to sleep, waking up, doing my quiet time…

with a prayer stewing on the back burner of my mind that goes something like…

“What did You want to say through me today, Lord? And anytime You want to let me know would be really good.”

It usually has something to do with thoughts that have been swirling around for a while.

And that is how yesterday’s post came about.

So I pray, God brings something to the front of the mess that is my mind…

I listen…type…find pictures…and voila…

you and I have a little God-chat and hopefully it speaks to someone.

I even have to pray for the title because those are hardest of all to write.

So yesterday when it all came together and I got it down and posted – which is basically like going through labor and delivery with my mind – I prayed it made sense and moved on with the day.

Later I was able to catch up on the second to the last video for the Entrusted study by Beth Moore.

Our women’s ministry did it at church a session or more ago, but I am doing on my own with a friend.

I sat there with my mouth hanging open as Beth talked about…yes…many of the same things I had written hours before.

When she even used the very expression “rubbing elbows” with fellow Christians, I was flooded with several thoughts all at once.

My mind covered everything from “Oh my gosh LORD…I hope no one thinks I plagiarized Beth MOOOOOORE for crying out loud!!”…


“Wow God…you have a W.O.R.D. for us about the Church!”

He speaks in themes.

What are you hearing Him repeat to you today?

May we have ears to hear His messages, delivered through many sources and may we apply His Words in truth and love.

Looking forward to what He has for us tomorrow…until then…be blessed and keep your eyes and ears open for His Word to you <3



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