That we would not look away but, instead, pray <3

This will be short.

I know because I truly have few words.

As I fixed my coffee this morning, the news was reporting on the devastation in Syria.

I watched as workers sprayed water from hoses over the legs and bodies of chubby infants and toddlers on a wooden table while others stripped chemical laden clothing off of them.

My mind thought of our own little Joely Bear most likely getting a diaper change 45 minutes away and I wept for these children.

For all the children.

The born and the unborn.

Because our love can grow cold in these last days.

And we can begin to shut down when it becomes more than our hearts can bear.

So this morning a prayer for God’s mercy on us all.

A prayer for the comfort of those who have lost loved ones, young and old.

A prayer for those who are working to save lives and bring healing.

A prayer for leaders around the world to have wisdom and courage to do what is right.

Like the widow with only two small coins to offer, my prayers seem so small in light of the great need of God’s Hand to move mightily.

But what I have I offer up in faith, believing in the promise that it is not the power of our words but the Power of our God that works effectively in places of devastation, pain and death.




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