The art of gratitude is a delicate dance between acceptance and obedience <3


Hello to you on a rainy day here in God’s country…

This morning I have a quick and simple thought to share with you. 

I love a good rainy day as much as the next introverted, prone to melancholy, always in need of a good nap person. 

However, today as I had to park and walk through the downpour toting my lunch and bag o’junk, trying to hold my umbrella up over my head without dropping anything, it was not my preference. 

And I may have grumbled a little about it as I sloshed through puddles. 

Although I did remember to thank the Good Lord that at least it wasn’t accompanied by the ever-present winds that seem to sweep across the prairie in all seasons except in August when a breeze would be so awesome to cut through the sauna-like air. 

It comes back to me a lesson that God has been impressing on my heart more and more tho. 

He didn’t cheat me out of a sunny day with moderate temperatures. 

Today, it is rain and rain is what I must be thankful for. 

In all the other areas, when I look around and see what looks appealing and wonderful bearing fruit and blessing someone else, I must remember that God didn’t deny me that. It was not mine to have. 

If it was, I would have it…and no, I am not talking about what I can develop and possess when I work hard at my challenges and pursue the dreams He has planted in me and make the most and then more of what I am given. 

I am talking about looking around and wondering why so-and-so has this and that and why is God holding out on me? 

That line of thinking, my friend, is what Eve fell for and every human ever since. 

The knowledge of good and evil…the knowing of both the goodness of God’s plan and the sin of disobedience…the knowing of it as to experience it and suffer through it and constantly be drawn into a cycle of exploring the depths of our potential for depravity and then receiving the bottomless ocean God’s mercy and forgiveness…this was not ours to have, but have we must. 

And so it is with the game of envy, jealousy and comparison. 

It breeds resentment and dissatisfaction and robs us of enjoying what we do have and making the most of it .

So when I have rain when I wanted sun, I remember that sun was not what was mine to have today. It was not taken from me but was never meant to be.

And then I can thank God for an umbrella, nice shoes to keep my feet dry, the washing away of the dirt on the streets and sidewalks, the quieter pace of a rainy day…and no wind…bless you God…today, no wind <3 

Love and hugs for a great weekend.

Many thanks to every reader who served or loves/loved one who served this country to give us freedoms unheard of around the world. 

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