The beginning of the end of our journey through Lent <3


Here we are with only one week of Lent ahead. And what an important week. 

As we enter the home stretch of this special season of reflection and preparation, I wanted to check in with you. I think it is always good to evaluate any attempted effort we have set our heart on to grow deeper and closer to God.

I also think it is easy to feel like we failed in some way. Let’s use the idea of a fast we may have chosen. Even if we kept it perfectly, and didn’t slip at some point forgetting that we had given up this or that, it is part of our humanity to wonder if we did it well enough. 

I will use me as the example. 

I gave up social media except for sharing this on Facebook each day that I wrote, checking that no spammers attached themselves to it and acknowledging any comments anyone made because that is kind. I also posted my Friday post for the store where I work once a week. 

I did have to use it a couple of times for communication as that is the only means I have with some people and situations arose where it would have been legalistic to not get in touch with them. 

There were times in the past five weeks when it was a temptation to check on something other than those things. I did have moments when I wanted to add a post, I missed people, Russ told me about birthdays of those I don’t have cell phones for and I couldn’t wish them a happy day. And just boredom. 

Did I turn to the Lord in each of those times and seek to draw closer to Him? A lot of them I did, but some I didn’t. And that’s okay. 

Because in both the turning and in the not, I realize again how frail and human I am. That it is a temptation for me to scroll Instagram rather than enter the presence of the Lord to worship, meditate, pray or just sit at His beautiful feet and wait to hear from Him is humbling. Humiliating, actually. 

It highlights yet again how strong the flesh is in me and how grateful I am that my salvation and sanctification are in His hands, not mine. 

I hope you will take some time this weekend and the coming week to read through the last week events of Jesus’ life on earth and I hope that you will experience the sense of injustice and sacrifice that is the Cross and the glory and joy that is the Resurrection. 

Have a blessed weekend…wave a palm branch…prepare your hearts for Easter <3

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