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The Lost things <3


A number of years ago I bid on and “won” a painting at the New Life Pregnancy Center annual auction. 

I loved the colors and the texture but most of all I love that down the narrow side edge of the canvas the artist has written these words…


How fragile we are…

Yes, yes… indeed.

I found a perfect spot for it in our front hallway, but during Christmas and the following months into spring I replace it with more holiday themed hangings. 

Well, the time came this week that I needed to locate it and I searched all over the house for it without success for several days. 

I have a method for finding things we can’t locate and our family knows if they can’t find something they will get the same advice every time. 

I pray a simple prayer saying basically –

God you know where this item is. Please lead me to where it was placed. Help me remember where I put it or point me to where it has been tucked away.

As I wait and listen with my spirit ears, I will get an impression of a spot. 

Sometimes it takes awhile for me to hear it right. 

Like the time John headed off to college after the summer and asked me if I could locate his student ID.

I prayed my prayer, and I kept being led to the key rack by the back door. 

But it wasn’t there. 

So I would pray again and I searched his room and the kitchen drawers and everywhere I could think of, even though I kept being led back to the key rack by the back door. 

I was quite frustrated because it was evident every time that clearly no long ORU lanyard was hanging on the key rack. 

John told me no worries and he got a replacement ID made. 

A few days later, I was pulling something out of the little shelves above the key rack and guess what I found. 

The ID sans lanyard had been stashed there in May by our boy. 

God knew. 

I had my mind set on what I pictured the ID to look like. 

I was looking for a lanyard…not an ID.


I must have learned my lesson from that experience, because as I prayed for where our missing painting might be I kept getting an impression that I had placed it on a shelf in my closet. 

I went there numerous times and even checked all the other closets and every possible drawer, behind furniture and under beds. 

But it kept coming to me to go to my closet. 

Finally I got a step stool out and as I gained a foot and half of height, I could see the narrow edge of canvas tucked just out of view on the top shelf of the place God had taken me over and over.


God knows how to find lost things, you know.

It’s His specialty. 

He knows just where the lost are to be found and perhaps if we would stop and pray and then listen with our hearts…if we quit looking for how we think they should appear and trust where He is leading us…we just might reclaim more of the lost than we ever dreamed possible. 

Just a thought. 

Be blessed today….you are loved <3

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