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The Ultimate Joy Jump


I am just shaking my head at how fast the month of January is zipping by. I think the warmer days and sunshine have helped a LOT!

We have already accumulated a fair share of extracurricular fun this year including taking in an Illini basketball last weekend. While we still are not ready to discuss the score, the half time show was AH-mazing…..the Fire Cracker Jump Rope team.

Between 20-25 sparklers hit the gym floor jumping rope in every conceivable manner including sitting on their bottoms…I know. They scurried around like ants and from where we were sitting they all looked identical in size and ability.

We could thoroughly enjoy the whole thing in one panoramic shot, because not one of them really belonged to us.

Now if one of those little ones was ours, whether by blood or heart…well…we would have zeroed in on finding that one and that would have been our whole focus.

This is where I just marvel at the magnitude of our God.

As a parent, He hones in on each one of us….all at the same time…watching us do our thing, caring for us, correcting us, training us. And He is able to do that with every single one of us. He sees our individual efforts as you and I progress through the routines of life.

But He is also watching over the whole big picture as well; how you and I interact with each other and function out there in and with the world. He is working out His plans – His big story through our little ones.

The intricate ways that our lives weave in and out from the inside out…this matters to Him.

Big picture. Little picture. All in perfect focus. All the time.

And this makes me…oh I am so sorry, but I can not help myself…(say it with me)….Jump for Joy <3

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