Thoughts on how the times have changed <3


Happy Monday! 

Russ is having some work done on his truck today and so we did something we haven’t done in years…I drove him to work. 

We were laughing as we drove because back when we were first married and lived in an apartment, we only had one car. 

I either drove him to work or I did without a car all day, which I often did. Even when I started working I would take the bus downtown and he would pick me up after work. 

We didn’t have cell phones…or texts…or emails..or constant access to everyone’s doings throughout the day via social media. 

Now I panic when I can’t find my phone. 

If I text or email someone and they don’t respond in a reasonable amount of time I wonder if something is wrong…or maybe it didn’t go through….or any number of possible reasons why I am having to wait for a reply. 

I rarely actually talk on the phone to anyone. I text or send GIFS or use emojis to add expression to typed conversations.

It’s easier…I can multitask…and I can answer on my own time frame. I am not proud of this…just saying it’s the case.

This past week I shared a post I read about some of the leaders of technology who are banking millions on our dependance of these devices and yet they limit the use of electronics for their own children and families. 

They make them read real books and play outside (according to this Facebook post anyway…which could be fake news for all I know but still….)

Recently I listened to a two part sermon series about how technology has to be tamed in our lives or it will ruin them. 

The teaching pastor had taken some classes about this issue over the summer and was bringing back some of what he had learned. 

He said we tend to think of “technology” as our iPads and computers and phones, but in reality even the washing machine or microwave or vehicles we use to get around are “technology.” 

Think of anything that makes life and work “easier and faster” and that is what technology is. 

And we can become even more impatient, self-centered, self-absorbed as we rely more and more on it. 

The series is thought provoking and can be found at www.grace360.org under the sermons entitled “The Siren’s Call”   


What can we do to be more proactive in ruling over this wonderful gift of technology? 

Would love to hear your thoughts…over real coffee…but since we can’t all do that, feel free to leave a comment. 

Group hug and I will see you tomorrow <3

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