To believe even when we cannot see <3

Today, I will share a little thought I had as I was leaving the dermatologist’s office on Tuesday morning this week.

I had made an appointment to have some skin tags removed from my neck…

(oh my,  I thought of using a fancy word so it wouldn’t sound so gross, but it was ridiculous so I am calling them as they were….)

and, while there, I showed her a little spot on my cheekbone that I was unsure about.

It was just a small patch that looked like dry skin, but it has never healed despite all manner of moisturizers.

She determined that it was something that needed to be removed and so after she took care of the … you know what’s…she picked up what looked like a small fire extinguisher and proceeded to step inside my hula hoop bubble of comfort and aimed it directly toward my face.

I sat there while she sprayed what she described as -321degree F of liquid nitrogen in short spurts about an inch underneath my eye.

And I let her.

I never questioned it. Never doubted that she knew what she was doing.

Based on what logic?

She works in the doctor’s office and I have talked to her a couple of times before at Christmas parties for Russ’s work.

Yeah. I know.

And yet…I constantly doubt God.

I doubt that He is clearly seeing situations that I am facing.

I question that He perhaps has not fully calculated all the repercussions of a certain chain of events.

I ask if He really knows how much I can take…or someone else can take.

I try to tell Him the perfect way to work out some of the problems of the world and give suggestions on He could just do this, this and that. Sooner, rather than later.  Please and thank You.

Oh mind you, I always come around.

I always land on the side of faith because that is a line I have drawn that I will never cross back over.

But I still marvel at how easily I can trust flawed human beings and yet doubt my perfect Father.

It’s because of the unseen factor, you know.

I can see the competent nurse, explaining about the can of substance that she has used over and over…believe her when she tells me how the healing will progress and what the outcome will be.

Because she is flesh and blood and substantial in my sight and I can make an assessment on the level of trust I will give her based on concrete sensory information.

And God knows this.

That’s why He sent Jesus.

In the flesh and the blood.

We have in the New Testament, the witness of those who walked with Him as He walked this earth.

And they have shared the accounts and recorded the things they heard and saw and touched with their own eyes and hands and ears.

And even some of them doubted…and yet He was patient with them.

He knows that it is hard for us to walk by faith and not by sight.

He even said…blessed will be those who have not seen, and yet believe. (John 20:19)

Every time you and I take on a spiritual can of -321 degree reality blown full force just inches from our eye, so to speak, we are walking by faith that God is who He says He is and He will do what He says He will do and He is good…

and we are….


because we believe <3

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